Saturday, 22 January 2011

Twitter Retweet Advice

For those of you who use Twitter regularly you will most probably know all about this, but please do add your comments to help the newer Twitter users.

I've seen many of my followers make the same mistake when it comes to retweeting. To give yourself the best possible chance of getting others to retweet your tweets you need to make sure you leave enough characters free at the end of every tweet.

You need to allow for their username which gets added along with "RT" at the front of their retweet. If you use all 140 characters there won't be enough room for this and either the end of your tweet gets cropped or the other users will have to precise your original tweet. Worse case, they won't bother with the retweet at all because it's too much hassle.

So make sure you leave enough characters free so there's room for their username.

Also, people use many different apps when tweeting and the apps all use different protocols for how they handle retweets. (RT @, via @, retweet @, r/tweet, "tweet" via, etc) So this obviously affects the number of spare characters needed when retweeting.

I always try to use a margin of 36 spare characters, especially when my tweet is content driven with a link to a useful article. Let me explain why I think the margin of 36 spare characters is the optimum.

The maximum characters which can be used for a username on Twitter is 15. So with the @ included that's 16. I then add an extra 20 spare characters so others can add a few characters of their own for a comment. So this means your tweet with content, article titles and link should be no more than 104 characters.

So remember to leave about 36 spare characters next time you tweet and make it easier for your followers to retweet your content.

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Good point - don't know why I hadn't thought of this before!

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