Monday, 30 April 2012

Gravatar - Your Globally Recognisable Avatar

I've met every single one of these 25!
Have you ever posted a comment on someone's blog post and wondered why you're listed as a "Guest" or "Anonymous"? But then have you noticed that lots of the other people who have commented have their photo next to their comments?

That's because they are using a brilliant piece of online software called Gravatar. allows you to register for free and upload a photo or multiple photos of youself. This is then used when you add your comments to a blog or forum post. Gravatar gives you your Globally Recognisable Avatar linked to your email address.

Any time you use that email address with any of the growing number of Gravatar supported blogs, forums, websites and services your profile and avatar come along for the ride. It's not just your photo either, if anyone clicks through to Gravatar they can check out your profile with all the relevant information and website links.

If you're like most people and me, you use the same photo on all the social networking websites. Your photo has become a big part of your online brand identity and so I love the fact that Gravatar makes it so simple for my photo to come with me when I'm adding comments around the World Wide Web.

You can see my Dickie Armour Gravatar profile here.

It's really easy to register and set up your Gravatar account. Just go to and follow the steps.


Paul Tagent said...

Good post Dickie.

dickiearmour said...

Thanks Paul :-)

Kate Winslt said...

Post comments and track them by registering on gravatar, many sites have enabled gravatar comments on their site. Easy for SEO professionals,bloggers and commentators

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